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it's a log. & the log doesn't judge. - the log has something to tell you.

one day there were a lot of computer drawings on my harddrive. some years of drawing with pixelish pixels & pixels that still had corners, experimenting with software and converting formats in front of a screen. @day @night - all day.

the artist quit the studio and went home office.

I decided to get them out of the computer mainly because I was interested in the translation of computer paintings & drawings and their specific nature into a physical object in the "real world" and what that does to the process of painting or the nature of a painting more general. I decided to use mainly mass production processes to produce a number of unique copies. And to my surprise there are many paralles in digital drawing and computer based stitching,embroidery, weaving & knitting.

here I document a bit the process and thoughts around that experiment.

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komm schon ; )