akustische und höhere wesen melden sich

the was again a little service stream.
this time my backyard.
seems like it is still there. going to make a few more soon -
collected some interesting spots and some others are more or less obvious. so stay tuned for this.



then there was some reaction on the internet.


Höhere Wesen // 30.05 & 31.05.2020

together with iris dankemeyer and kaur hensel we will do a workshop for the c.rockefeller center in dresden. the idea of the workshop came from a short performance we did last year. In the workshop we will build together another creature, kaurs collection is 11 creatures and is called "die suche nach dem ots" - so saturday 30.05. will be building, arranging the bluescreen + scouting some possible locations for filming and taking pictures. sunday 31.05 we will try to make a short film that will be a loop.