even if the process of computer drawing and computer based stitching is very simillar there are some steps in between, just like the yarn is limited to a certain amount of colors - so is the colorindex of the drawings as well. It took a lot of calls and calling again and writing emails to understand and learn more about the technices I decided to use. 

Most of the drawing / colorcodes were made with an ascii drawing tool one can find online here. the idea behind it was more or less to post drawings in /sally the home of ascii art on the jollo irc network. those drawings always have 16 colors and a back- as well as a foreground. and one can post them realtime in the irc chat. 

The other part of drawings was made on a nintendo 3ds, with an application called pixelmaker, and as one can create her or his own palette - they are sort of indexed too. 

I later learned that the drawings need to be translatet in an instruction sheet for the machines. The most common format so far seems to be the .dst format. there is little open source software for that kind of stuff. so again calling and writing emails - finding people that are able to translate the drawings and also willing to do it. As every drawing will pretty much be a unique copy people are not very motivated to work on it. 

But after many calls and emails - I found a few people all over germany that like the work and also feel challanged to help me produce it. 

I became friends now with them. we often call each other talk about life and work, private & professional. there is even a computer stitching shop around the corner from where I live. I go there now nearly every day, I learned about a new format. .ref which makes it easy to scale images once they in that format. I got to see some of the software as well and also learned more about the software and how to find people that know how to make use of it. there is still 3 drawings left that need to be translated - they are very complex and it will take time, also because there is always other works to prepare for stitching and they are easier and in huge amounts. nerver the less the process is slowly taking shape. and with regards to the outside world - it might be even a good thing that everything is very slow and that it will still take a while until there is an exhibition together. 

some docu pieces: