readjustments, several heads & friends of friends

Fells like entering the final stage of the exhibition.

"professionalism" & "timing" - very stressful words, sometimes it seems like generic words - that people will use to pretend they are adults & that polishs the surface of process's that no one should question.

a little mood board:

the date for the opening is set. 11.07.2020 obviously

... a lot happened, maybe one remembers the .DST format entry.

the "T" in .DST stands for tajima. tajima is a brand of embroidery machines.
"DS" stands for DOS ~remember the floppy~


basically .DSZ says DOS again & this time the "Z" sais ZSK.
ZSK is another brand of embroidery machines.thru my friend iris I got introduced to a person in freiburg - that is interessted in embroidery machines & has close conncetions to ZSK.
All the embroidery you see in the log is one head. one needle/head is doing it. this comes with restrictions and also means a lot to the layering of more complex images. having more needles/heads can be useful to make larger scale embroiderings because one can organise the size via several heads/needels. 

The puncher - that's the human who translates the image into a code that can organise the machine. it comes from punchcards.

to make it short. I got in contact with ZSK and they explained me that there is one machine in germany that con do what I want. And there is also a person that knows how to programm it. so it will work out !!! 

here a preview of the structure of the code:

3 2 1

means 3 heads have to be used to do the picture in one go.

the picture that needs to be embroidered :

more about code

the framework bamboo / ryc made is really nice to work with - and beeing more around the gallery - it helps to imagine a narrative for how it can be linked to the process and the actual exhibition as well having the quality of a documentaion that is alive. An experiment in presentation 

A lot of web experience nowadays is scrolling and feedback looping. it would be nice to create a website that has a different paste and approach, not only to show the works - also to challange the user to explore something and maybe dive into a screen based version of what the physical space and works imply. & @ the same time not just to cutify or as gameification of the irl - more with the quality of the hypertext and less consumer oriented driven - to remodel an irl experience.

<enter here> a fade out juxtaposition