raddampfer ⛴️

hei ho.

the floppy is alive !!! 

today tmrw label released the disk. very happy about it. it was again a lot of emails until we found the right compression to fit everything on the 1.44mb, thanks to the 512byte unites 


the label also added some more info to the inlay. see here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 

















the release is already sold out. : ) !!! within only a few hours - guess it is also because of the small number of copies, but in any case it made me even more happy. it is here on bandcamp

iframe magic ! now its here: 

- in other news: 

finished all the files for the weaving files are prepared. the digital paintings that will be reproduced in the weaving technique will be much larger size-wise then the stitchings. sizes vary from100cmx100cm to 150cmx180cm - here is a little preview of one of the files that will be produced :


- even more news. 

the gallery updated the website ; ). there was also an article in süddeutsche zeitung (in print as well as online) that mentioned the project and the gallery... it is in german but here would be a link to it. and upcoming saturday (11.04.) we will be radioing again from 7:30 - 9 pm via cashmereradio.com