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hello dear reade

a few weeks went by and there was not much happening or maybe the process just slowed down a bit and it was difficult to communicate it.

here a little summary of some reasons why this was possible to happen and how it got fixed. 

          means. I'm working with a lenovo G50 laptop most of the time. I figured out there is a linux/ ubuntu distribution called ubuntu studio from 2018, april release that works best on my laptop. so I usually only update what is really necessary and the rest sort of works fine. sad but true at some point there comes a day where one has to make desicions what to update and what not. so after one of that updates nothing was really working anymore and already since a while I realized that usb boot and bios are not working the way they should.

the bug is reported here. (in case someone is interested), took me a little to get everything back to normal but also helped me to experiment more with bootable usb devices and running an OS only from usb. sort of interesting set up and I think I'm going to experiment more with that sort of workflow.

          so far I was planning and rendering most stitching files and .dst formats for the machines of a small family computer embroidery enterprise in NRW. Herr Steinke was one of the first people who showed interest in my work and was willing to experiment with it. He works with computers/ coding and embroidery since more than 35 years. The past months/ weeks and also his age (he is 78 years old) made him realise that he can't continue the work anymore also because he had to lay his workers off. Herr Steinke was always very helpful and grumpy, he would not tell me a solution but give me little tips and than told me to call in a week again. In that way I learned quite a lot about the process as well as figuring out work arounds and tricks. He is also a biker. his website is here.

often I had to think of the relation between biking and coding + embroidery. still fascinates me a lot.

nevertheless. show must go on. after researching quite a while, gefühlten/what felt like 100 telephone calls, I found someone who is willing to experiment more with the files and the production of the works. I m very happy about it - as it made me very unmotivated to be back at the start after I was already thinking everything is sorted & my sheeps are dry. I have to admit I like the challange such situations create even if it is at times very frustrating - the way the process is organised and that it is very specific makes that it is also very exciting to find people who share an interest in translating the digital paintings into something new. but also it often creates a personal level and becomes a friendship thru and around a craft, it also shows how much someone is willing to experiment with his or her means of productions and the openness to break the conventional pattern of how to use a tool. it seems sometimes that it also makes it easier to communicate than.

as already mentioned here, the weaving process also started and herr weiss who helps me with it, has been of great help - he mainly does the communication with the manufacture where the works are produced. there are some rules to the prozess as there is only a fixed set of frame sizes and the color managment is also completly different than the ascii drawings or the embroidery but ya there are paralles for example with the punchcards or even if one uses dithered colors in ascii it would even be much closer to it.

a little inside :  



anyway just for the record a simple explenation what that means and does.  here now some images and a little video about the process so that it becomes a bit easier to understand/ visualize.

punchcard with result

punchcard / detail carbourg (180 X 135 cm)

carbourg final weaving / original file


leatherface (180 X 135 cm)

a video:


P.S.: last but not least the radio show from the weekend is archived, and can be found here


as already promissed there will be a few more public radio services with fieldrecordings in the upcoming weeks, will try to keep the /log updated about it - stream will be here.