heads + hands

we met an angry and sort of rockstar looking Jesus. upset bc both of his hands have holes in them.  Ok Jesus we get it you were the first pop icon wash me in the blood yada-yada p sure your last album dropped 2000 years ago but w/e.    

a confession:  I have a stowaway in my bag.

who is it? (you, punkrock Jesus, might ask.)
Lady Jane Grey the 9 day Queen of England
With or without head?
Oh, you might gasp.  Or, you might sigh and say you knew it all along.  This isn't to cater to your omniscient expectations, ok.     

Both a headed and headless woman might seem like common place things but I am thinking of being blindfolded in luminous light.  I am thinking of searching for the chopping block in the dark.  ow?  maybe.   Here on the seven seas you just walk the plank off into the fish food void.  More dissolving less top chef. 

When Delaroche painted her maybe he thought of his semi-fresh headless queen. or maybe he was following in a long and cherished tradition of painting historical and soon to be dead women in order to show more tits 

(we sailed to a park where all the statues are of men except for one it's of a girl.  she is naked and nameless and grows on the 'wings of an inspiring thoguht' but more on that later.)

Question:  what does it mean to cut off the literal head of state or more precisely why is power performed not only on the body but for the body.?  

the body of state, the head of state, the hands running around everywhere doing the dirty work.  Synecdoches for the parts we use on a daily basis to show expression.  When was the last time you tried to smile with the back of your knee?  To hail a cab with your kidney?  be honest with urself.   

Look we are in Slovenia and a smart guy is from here his name is Slavoj Žižek he got seasick leaned over the side of his ship and you know the drill.  Another time he said this: 

Fascism is fond of corporeal metaphors for labor and capital, like ‘head’ and ‘hand’;  it likes to speak of society as an organism in which one social stratum is the head and another is the hand.  Because fascism does not work and because the reason for its difficulties cannot lie in the antagonistic relations between head and hand, between capital and labor, the cause of the social disequilibrium is projected onto some cancerous formation, some external enemy. 

When the Ceaușescus (romanian dictator + wife) fled Bucharest anarchy ensued.  people were bleeding from the neckjoint all out into the street.  The army knew there was only one way to staunch the flow and when they killed the Ceausescus together against a wall they did it on television, over and over again, for every single instance of the body of state to see.  A body needs a head to keep itself together, but it doesnt matter if the head is a DEADhead or an ALIVEhead.  

But not Sailor. Sailor only accessorises with such heads that might as well be mushrooms out here on open water which is fine bc something else to eat.  

Over and out.