Strange shores today.  Docked and met the letters 

š ž c

Mostly by accident.  Sailing past the correct bridge and such.  They were squatting at one of two last squats (not counting the dead and as recounted by Sailor) ž said that the infopunkt was a misunderstanding.  š was v nice and told us about the history of his people and the reduction of language to symbols and vice versa.  


It had once been a bike factory but now had two bike kitchens.  š offered us some handbrake goulash a national delicacy but we refused on account of not wanting to lose momentum (+ had late breakfast.)  With wind in our sails we attempted to enter the main building but were slowed down by a sudden gust of German skaters (Sailor pointed out on account of the tüten) and ultimately anchored by a large c. 

Do not confuse c with c it is tempting but don’t do it.  

There are many letters I consider friends and some pirates.  Let us see we are still strange strangers we have good feelings tho and time will tell.  

p.s. time is a mollusc of which there are many.  It takes a dilligent Sailor to scrape them all off the sihip.  Reporting to swashbuckling duties in the past and present.