_log(-1): pre-sail


Long ago on shipless ships and oceanless oceans

This is first SAIL to first THERE which is Ljubljana.  Grey, dreary if we are talking about the weather (we are not) we are rearranging ourselves around a heavily breathing lady who never came back for her bag and the possibility of prolonged moisture.  

Question:  what is a future future and why is it here so soon.  

The sandwiches are gone(typical.).  Advised not to take a taxi.  Wheel jam must role suitcase on side.  Utility of this ship? hmm, need more algorithms to feed to captain aka SAILOR aka ME.  

cumulative nostalgic status:  Opi ist nach Slowenien umgezogen.  

Will report later. 

Ohright 1 more thing: Saw small fat kid y-day on Karl Marx with t shirt that said in underlined capital letters