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dear readers

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NOTE: thanks for staying tuned. it's been some time, but here we are again. Two installments of the log have been made while sailing slovenia. one with very official light at the Španski borci & the second one at cirkulatija². Footage has been sorted and arranged and more friends were made, texts and fragments have been rearranged and presented at home. archives have been digged. time became short once the space was more explored - some stuff didn t get finished and seems like sailor needs to sail again. For now most sailing is between kitchen and work, nevertheless a sailor does not sleep and with the invention of the ship, the ship wreck was invented too. so better see your self.

yours truly sailor

show must go on... on the 12th of october @ 11pm
there will be
a special broadcast from the radiostation in outa space - transmitted via ljubljanas very own Radio Študent