do sailors dream of electric dolphins?

Sailor is feeling a little washed up.  too many voyages too many anchors too many swashbuckling mornings spent trying to swab a deck that just gets immediately dirty again with expectations.  Today Sailor is going to to climb to the highest point and take a nap.  It will not be a forever nap but it will be long enough for a change of wind.  

When Sailor takes a nap, they do so with their belly pointing towards the sun, or a star of their belly’s choice.  Bellies are the best nap-navigators.   

The belly-nap-navigator doesn’t just guide Sailor but the whole ship into the Dream.  Before the Dream was in the Upper Left Hand Corner but things have changed now it is now hiding in a free mason building in the state of Saxony.  

The thing about the dream and the ship is that Sailor is not just full of rum spinning a wheel around a list of mostly arbitrary directions.  Sailor’s blood=pitch, heart=wood, brain=canned goods skin=a bunch of lazy pirates with tattoos that say things like ‘I <3 Mom’.  This is to say that is not only Sailor an identity game but a Ship Game in which it is hard to draw a clear line between trustworthy sea vessel and weather beaten captain.  Even more so in the dream of today which seems to overlap other oceans of previous work.  

the dream of today which could be any day but is Wednesday:

Non-Euclidean Susan is in the Control Room.  She is growing roots out of her hair that lead to many networks, many complicated filing systems. There are many dreams to be filed, many schizophrenias of ship/sailor/body/minds.  

There are several magnets flying around.  They demand a lot of respect. They speak in ‘either or’s.  Some have red hair and microphones!  

The Autistic Gentleman is also here.  He is interpreting deep signals and writing these down in a special system that looks like code, ancient symbols, emojis, and very complicated pizza orders.  He is also worried about the Dolphins.  Sometimes he runs to hold an umbrella over their heads because maybe the magnets or the radio waves will upset them.  He is also worried that the Dolphins are Dalmatians, but this is a technicolor-technicality of dream language. 

Susan translates the signals into many languages: semaphore, boredom, a peculiar arrangement of chairs.  Sailor only speaks a little of this language, but sometimes they understand things like:   

To dissever the interface from the body, pleasure in separation, in vertigo. 

Be very careful with plus or minus.  Be very careful not to sacrifice the imaginary for diving lessons.  

If you begin at the beginning, endeavor to repeat the entire conversation. 

Sailor has a feeling that the distinction between systems isn't very important but it's more important how they make friends with each other because it is nice to have a friend esp. in a dream.  Sailor feels like they wouldn't know how to separate things if they tried for instance it would be very hard to reduce the dream to a talker/robot and a dancer/unicorn and also why bother.  

But somehow the dream is not satisfied with itself and needs a provocation, maybe from a new fleet of sailorbodyshipminds.  After all the Dream has a belly of its own and is good at Navy Navel Gazing.  Inside this funhouse mirror belly button is a loud and kind of RUDE sound which leads to a SLEEPY BURP which tends to scare the Best Dolphins away.    

Maybe Sailor has another net another dream?