hello. you found the copylog of our copyshop @ AN_A
(we had to move & currently wandering around copying)                                                           (in case you landed here to buy a t-shirt, ähm it is the other site.)

here we are going to document the experiments with our mimeograph.
some lucky circumstances & a radioshow made us the proud owners of a
the idea was to print a book. but before printing the book - one needs to practice a lot. copying is quite a complex process

- one can easyly forget -
as nowadays it is most likely a combination of keys that does the copy & paste or a printer copymachine where it takes usually not more than 2 buttons to get the copying started.

but how to translate contemporary feelings & ideas onto such an old device.

the gestetner comes with some interessting challanges, mainly designed for duplicating txt that was typed with a typewriter on a waxed master stencil,our research trip will explore old & new ways to make stencils and produce copies. many of them are original copies.
but with the nature of a duplicate. as our machine operates without electricity and needs to be cranked by hand and manpower the way of the copy becomes quite an intuitive enterprise. last but not least, a little image of our duplicator.

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