reaktionen & skalierungen

es gab reaktion !!! : ) , die mutter schrieb zurück und hat sich sehr über die entwicklung und umsetzung der arbeiten gefreut & auch das ich mich tatsächlich nochmal gemeldet habe. naja. handwerk & leidenschaft verbindet & ich fand es auch sehr charmant ausversehen ins bcc gerutscht zu sein, dadurch nun wiederum einen austausch mit einer anderen generation von stickerinnen zu habe und zu merken das uns gleiche dinge umhertreiben.

--------- scales --------

some detective game here. there was another reaction... someone asking to add scales / dimensions of the produced pieces. mh - I understand but I don't want to add it. as this is a log, a documentation of a process and the noise that comes with it, adding scales and giving that reassurance towards reality and the seriouse existence of everything you see and read on here, would destroy the poetic and narrative fantasy aspect of the log. It is important that the log is fiction as well as it is real. one decides - that is the exchange of the log.

once the log is finished. there will be by-products the dimension, size is not so important and only matters for the physical space / aspect of the experiment. The opening could be something like a proof that not everything on here is fantasy. but who knows ?

Nevertheless - something about that question of size is interesting to me. most of the digital drawings are very small, if one would print them out 1:1 - they range from 2cm² to max 9 cm² - the biggest original digital file in the selection is 33,8cm x37,8 cm, they are color-indexed (that makes a few things much more easier). A lot of time is spend with rescaling them and figuring out what are the best resolutions to reproduce them without completely destroying the colors and complexity as well as respecting the software and the machines they are produced with. Very interesting challenge, no experience on my end, but learning a lot - as there are many limitations and restrictions. This again also helps to become creative about the process of reproducing and to an extent : "it is of interest to show the translation process more than the actual product. hard to describe - something like the silence in-between the digital virtual and the woolly comfy feel good product that has no corners any more or appears "unsharp" and soft."

I scanned a few notes to give a bit more inside about calculations, dimensions and how to adjust that to a physical space.

scales process

space + ideas how to use it (january/february 2020)

recalculation/ juxtapositioning architecture & dimensions of single works (february/march 2020)

scalings original digital work to .dst files for final products (march 2020)  


so now the detective game.

If you red the log well, you probably saw a floppy disc in one of the pictures? yes most of that stitching machines still operate with 3,5" floppys 1.44mb capacity. the .dst files/ machine instructions are very small files and as long as everything is compatible with each other it seems the most convenient way to operate. :JUMP IN TOPIC: I got invited from a record label called tmrw-label, to release music on a 3,5" floppy. they recently started a sub section of their label called 3.5 bpm - and release floppy discs. what a coincidence. my inner detective was very excitied when realising that there is another part of my life that is all of a sudden also working with floppy discs. 

what's up with the floppy disc scene ?

And here again we run into the thing about size and dimension. 1.44mb is not much - and that "1.44mb" are more a fictional fantasy value than a real messure to work with. It all depends on the formatting and again there are even a lot of tricks - to get more capacity. Spend two nights researching about it and spaming the label with information. : ) ya detectives they never sleep.

some results:

          - siber-sonic on the web since 1996 !!!

          - lowendmac on the web since 1997

          - the retrocomputing board ( for sure ; ) this one is wild -a beatnik -read with care:


After researching a lot it worked out to format the floppy different so that there is a bit more space on it and I slightly had to adjust my compressions to make everything fit in 2 .ogg files. Guess soon it will be available - I might add an update once it is released.


retro-computing, I often encounter that or the nostalgia about it, same for the digital drawings and paintings as well as tape dj sets in a club. cool rerto vintage, 8-bit mh : ( I don 't mind that categories very much, but there is little about vintage or retro to my approach in visual as well as in audio culture and the reasons why I decided to work like that. Maybe there is something about obsolete media - and that all formats and media should be compatible with each other - and treated equaly - basic open-source - like the dia-projector has as much value as the 4k projector in ones gallery. the tape is as valid as the cd as the usb: they are all storage devices - being born in a time where all this was easly accesible to mainstream, co-exsited with each other and went thru quick technological changes - it feels only natural to respect all that eras of storing data, looking at images with "back-light", so called screens and memories made & saved on there, equaly. Finding new ways to "update" how some of that stuff still fits in todays world is a thing that interests me a lot as well as primitive or rudimentary software and hartware and how to make those things communicate with each other, the work arounds and use as well as mis-use them as tools to express one self. maybe in opossite to using technology to extend / replace one's identity. So ya it is little about the aestetics of it or any nostalgia - Still sometimes it feels like it is important to clarify that.